Karl Jenkins
"Я полюбил чистоту и одухотворенность музыки Карла - лишенную барьеров, любимую всеми за демократичность, и это не зависит от национальности, профессии или социального статуса. Я уверен, что она навсегда останется в сердцах народов..." - Марат Бисенгалиев
"I love the pure beauty and spirituality of Karl's music; music without boundaries, loved by everyone, totally democratic and at home with people of any nationality, society or class. I'm sure that his legacy will remain forever." - Marat Bisengaliev


For a complete list of Karl Jenkins’ works, please visit www.boosey.com/jenkins

Highlights include.

Sacred Music for choir and orchestra

  • The Armed Man: A Mass For Peace:  full version [& ensemble version]
  • Requiem
  • Stabat Mater
  • Gloria
  • Te Deum
  • Dewi Sant

The Armed Man: A Mass For Peace kicked off a series of works, usually settings of iconic Latin sacred texts but with a twist and that is incorporating influences, text, instrumentation and inspiration from other cultures that may be non Christian and non European. All are available on CD [EMI Classics] save for Dewi Sant which was an earlier BBC commission and remains commercially unrecorded.

A recent survey has shown The Armed Man & Requiem to be the most performed works by a living composer in the world today. The Armed Man, which was a UK Millennium commission, has had nearly one thousand performances since 2000, which equates to two per week somewhere in the world.  The ‘Benedictus’ from ‘The Armed Man’ has proved particularly popular in its own right.

Christmas Music.
Stella Natalis
Joy to the World

These are two Christmas works written and recorded [EMI Classics] in 2009. Stella Natalis is all newly composed and takes the Christian message of 'peace and goodwill to mankind' while also looking at the sentiment via other cultures. Joy to the Worldis a collection of my versions of traditional carols from around the world. These two works may be played in isolation or together as one programme.

Voice and orchestra
Ave Verum [a setting for Bryn Terfel of the popular text]
Cantilena:  Adiemus, Spirit of the Mountains [familiar as the music for the Cheltenham and Gloucester ‘pearl diver’ advertising campaign]


  • Adiemus: Songs of Sanctuary
  • Adiemus II:  Cantata Mundi
  • Adiemus III: Dances of Time
  • Adiemus IV: The Eternal Knot
  • Adiemus V: Vocalise
  • Beyond the Century

Adiemus was the project where I first combined the 'classical' with ethnic elements such as tribal & ethnic drumming with vocals that were more akin to world music than Western European classical. I also devised an invented language for this project.  The opening of Adiemus: Songs of Sanctuary is familiar to many as the music for the Delta airlines advertising campaign.

Secular Music for choir and orchestra
For the Fallen[a setting of the iconic Binyon poem "They shall not grow old..." which incorporates the Last Post.
In these Stones Horizons Sing[Composed to open the WMC in Cardiff before the Queen]
A Parliament of Owls[a celebration of collective nouns in three contrasting movements for SATB choir, with {optional} saxophone, percussion and piano duet accompaniment]
The Bards of Wales [for chorus, tenor solo and orchestra].

La Folia[marimba concerto for Evelyn Glennie based on Corelli]
Over the Stone[Double-harp concerto commissioned by HRH Prince of Wales]
Quirk[LSO commission for flute, piano, percussion & orchestra] 
Sarikiz[Violin concerto for Marat Bisengaliev]
Euphonium Concerto[for David Childs]

The concertos are, for the most part, written in a somewhat different style to the choral and vocal music, often in a quirky and ‘off the wall’ manner. The Euphonium Concerto exists with two accompaniments, orchestra or brass band. It has been performed 22 times in the past year.

String Orchestra
Palladio[best known as the music for the De Beers ‘diamonds are forever’ advertising campaign, and now popular in its original form and in various ‘cover’ versions, most recently by the outstanding soprano Danielle de Niese the popular string quartet Escala.

Children’s Opera
Eloise [based on the popular fairytale “Wild Swans”]